Under the motto "Grow organic coffee, uplift socio-economy of rural smallholders", the Coffee Cooperative Union Ltd. Lalitpur was established in 2008 as an umbrella organization of organic coffee cooperatives in the Lalitpur district. Coffee Cooperative Union Ltd. Lalitpur is currently working with 375 smallholders located in remote areas of high altitude, organic Arabica coffee production, processing and marketing within and outside of Nepal.

Ranging from the foothills of the Himilayas at an altitude of 800m-1600m above sea level, Lalitpur district is endowed with a climatic boon for raising quality Arabica coffee. Coffee is grown under an organic management system without the use of external chemical inputs. 58 hectors of land that CCUL's coffee is grown on has been organically certified by NASAA since 2009. Currently the farmers of CCUL produce 21 tons of quality dry parchment per year. As coffee is a low volume high commodity cash crop, it has an immense scope as an important agricultural commodity for the rural areas of Lalitpur district which are marginalized from urban markets. 



Coffee Cooperative Union Ltd. Lalitpur has a mission to bring about positive changes in livelihood status of farming communities of Lalitpur district through organic coffee production and management. This is achieved by maintaining ecological balance, improving biodiversity and sharing profit amongst the producers. 


Coffee Cooperative Union Ltd. Lalitpur envisions a farming community with organic certified parcels of small holder producers producing diversified fair trade products. 


Coffee Cooperative Union Lalitpur strategizes to work through community understand of organic coffee productions to motivate farmers to producer high quality coffee with a consistent taste. This is achieved through farmer training workshops, and judicious management of the available human and natural resources of production.